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Chance to unite Idahoans

North Idaho voters have an opportunity to vote for Keith Allred for governor, a man who is a gifted leader, a fifth-generation Idahoan and a person worth crossing party lines for on Nov. 2.

I am voting for him for three reasons:

The economy, which Keith will help revive by eliminating politicized tax exemptions and by helping small businesses that generate 80 percent of new jobs. This will lower Idaho’s overall rate.

Education. Gov. Otter cut K-12 education funding by $128 million although we will realize more than $80 million in increased revenue next year, and, given additional staff, the Tax Commission could net $60 million in increased revenue by going after tax deadbeats.

Conflict resolution. Throughout Keith’s education and career, his goal has been to bring people together – Republicans, Democrats and independents. He has taught conflict resolution and leadership, has resolved disputes involving public land use, hydroelectric dams and tribal issues. He has worked for corporations, federal and state agencies and governments here and abroad.

If you are tired of hostile partisan politics, this is the man who can bring us together.

Muriel L. Douglass

Coeur d’Alene


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