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Sat., Oct. 23, 2010

Disincentive to success

I encourage you to vote “no” on Initiative 1098, which will impose an income tax in the state of Washington if it passes. Supporters say that it will only tax “the rich,” but how long do you think it will take our state legislators to lower the bar and soon everyone will be exposed to the tax?

Why do we want to punish achievement in our state? We are suffering through a jobless economy, and job creation should be a high priority. If we tax the achievers, they are going to do one of two things. First, they will stop investing dollars into their businesses that create jobs. Why would anyone want to work harder and expand their business if the government is just going to take it away? Second, they will move out of state and go to a state without an income tax. Where are we going to be when the “rich” leave our state?

This tax will only create class warfare between the “haves” and the “have-nots.” It will continue until we are all “have-nots.” Too many in our population believe that the government owes them a living.

If Bill Gates Sr. believes that the state of Washington needs more money to operate, there is nothing stopping him from opening his wallet voluntarily and giving some of his extra to the state. Just don’t make it mandatory.

Vote “no” on I-1098!

Art Schultheis

Colton, Wash.

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