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Sat., Oct. 23, 2010

Frugality claim unsupported

The only thing worse than the massive infusion of money into politics is that it works. Without a caring, well-informed electorate, lavishly funded politicians can successfully overwhelm gullible voters with misleading “facts.”

In this context, it might be helpful to review the slick, costly insert county commissioner candidate Al French distributed through local print media.

French lists points to validate his concern for “you.” He tells us:

“Government spending is out of control – every dollar counts.” Yet he considers county purchase of Raceway Park “a good overall move” (Journal of Business, July 17, 2009) and supports the proposed $235 million jail at Medical Lake.

Al wants local government to create jobs, meet the needs of small business while “protecting taxpayers” without explaining how. He wants to “end wasteful spending on unnecessary projects” – like wasting over 1 million taxpayer dollars at Raceway Park, that he supported buying?

Al French has a “vision for our county,” that included “financial discipline.” He seems to have a vision problem that could very well lead us down a blind alley. His clumsy parody of himself should help Bonnie Mager, who has given special distinction to the term “public service.”

Buell Hollister


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