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The firing of broadcaster Juan Williams by National Public Radio after he acknowledged during a program on Fox News that he’s nervous when he sees people in Muslim dress on a plane sparked a wide-ranging debate among Spokesman- Review readers that was as much about the perceived differences between NPR and Fox News as it was about Williams’ comments. Find complete coverage of this issue and the full reader debate at

JBlim: Predictably, Fox Fake News now sees its big chance to hobble another truth-based news organization. The big spin is to demonize, defund, and get more political operatives on the board of NPR.

Hawken: Well, Liberal Public Radio has turned on one of their own. Obviously, Williams strayed from the liberal talking points, stating his own opinion. Or, was it really because that in fact, he was a regular Fox News contributor, as Williams asserts.

Misjustice: Williams will do well as the token black/token semi-liberal on Faux Noose. Murdoch gets to continue to spread the lie that his news corps is “fair and balanced,” and the firing gives the Beckerheads something to cry and rave about. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Ninch: Is not calling Juan Williams a “token black” a statement of bigotry? In other words … denying the individuality and freedom of speech of a black man and instead calling him names because one of his employers is Fox News?

james_l: The bottom line here is that Mr. Williams violated the terms of his contract with NPR and was terminated for that reason only. You can whine all you want about the fictitious “liberal bias” of all media except Fox, but this is a matter of a contract violation; people get terminated every day for this reason. I am not thrilled about this, as I like Mr. Williams and think NPR might have handled this differently. I also recognize NPR’s right to expect their employees to honor their contracts.

Hawken: NPR is a hotbed of liberalism, that is for sure. Only about 80% of their operating costs come from conservative corporate sponsors. So even if 80% of their income is righteous (coming from God’s super citizens) that still leaves 20% of the coffers that are filled with the cancerous lucre of Libertard Demoncratism.

drywitt99: It’s so nice to see the usual group of right-wing loonies (take a bow) spring to the defense of the millionaire talking head who got fired for expressing his prejudiced views. Thank you for coming to the rescue of the wealthy and the downtrodden.


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