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Fri., Oct. 29, 2010

Ballot controls wanting

I’m voting for Leonard Christian for Spokane County auditor. Anyone not concerned with the direction mail-in voting is taking these days is not awake. Vicky Dalton cavalierly disregarded the many concerns the public submitted to the Canvassing Board meeting held on Oct. 15 as though these concerns did not merit an explanation. Concerns, such as mailed ballots going to the courthouse, rather than directly to the elections office; paying a private courier service to carry open trays of ballots with no observers’ oversight, making stops at other courthouse offices with those ballots before delivery to the elections office.

Other concerns are about loose-lid ballot containers, ballot machines kept in separate rooms and free advertising by printing her name on every single ballot going out in this county, claiming it helps by making her accountable. Apparently being accountable did not include addressing these concerns.

Leonard Christian is an experienced and highly qualified candidate who will bring transparency, security and accountability back to the office.

Carol Black


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