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Seize savings opportunity

Who would pay $600,000 for a service when you can get the task done for no charge? Our current Spokane County assessor is doing just that. Other tax-levying agencies use the Prism System which is free, but the SCA pays through the nose for Pictometry. Besides the excessive costs, Pictometry also borders on invasion of privacy with incredibly detailed photos of our properties. Vicki Horton would switch over to Prism, and that is just one of the improvements she would bring to the assessor’s office.

As a current employee in the assessor’s office, Vicki Horton sees many procedures requiring duplicate and sometimes triplicate effort on tasks which are already done by other county departments. Eliminating this wasted effort will be another main focus for Vicki when she is elected. Today one house can have their assessed value increase while their next door neighbor’s valuation goes down. Vicki is a certified appraiser who is committed to uniform standards in training for all appraisers in the assessor’s office so the assessments will be consistent.

Vicki Horton is dedicated to transforming the way things are done in the assessor’s office, starting by listening to the taxpayer. Isn’t it about time?

Jeff Baxter



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