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Wed., Sept. 1, 2010, midnight

Liberal spines need bracing

Besides being an ugly presentation of American anti-Muslim sentiment, the “ground zero mosque” debate has also been a testimony to the lopsided balance of power in American politics. It is now not only acceptable, but also nearly expected, for conservative voices to make abrasive and frequently offensive remarks that are, if not defended, at least sympathized with by much of conservative America.

Contrast their speech with the soft words of President Obama, who, while deftly and carefully affirming an American citizen’s right to religious freedom, was still too afraid to express his support. He avoided taking a firm stance on an issue that directly relates to that one piece of paper politicians so enjoy invoking – the Constitution.

Such is the spinelessness of present-day liberalism. Even with the First Amendment behind them, liberals still won’t stand up for their beliefs, fearing the disapproval of others.

What President Obama and other Democrats need to understand is that Republicans and conservatives won’t give them any credit for appeasement. So why be afraid of angering them? It’s time for someone to have the courage to come out for progressive principles and not feel bad for doing so. Where was “You lie!” when Bush was president?

Charles Du


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