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Turn government switch off

I’m looking for a politician with a different mindset. Government has produced a societal safety net for all ills and problems. Social programs were created with good intent. Government has its place in infrastructure.

We now pay 40 percent of our income to taxes. When you allow someone to spend someone else’s money it creates huge inefficiency and waste.

I believe in minimalization of government. But do-gooders keep winning elections and keep spending. It doesn’t matter which party you represent; if you have a (S) for spending you still are part of the problem. But I can’t expect different when one in four voters either work for or get public funds.

You want my vote, at whatever level of government, stop spending, stop creating government, stop solving problems, just stop.

New deal, great society, whatever government funding program or agencies you represent or control; stop it from getting bigger and spending more. We have had 50 years of huge government and entitlement programs creation. Spending has created trillions of dollars in public debt and still have the same social issues. Obviously you can’t create enough government to solve all the ills. Please stop trying. Then you will have my vote.

Chip Magnuson



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