September 10, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Thumbs down on all initiatives


Our days shorten, fall is in the air in River City and soon a big election on initiatives will cover ballots. Jim Camden tells of major donors targeting voters, and groups that gain by blockage, or passage.

Mr. Camden’s article (“Sizable sums target voters,” Sept. 5) is straightforward. Still, he missed the basic reality that initiatives undermine our democratic republic’s ability to function. Look at the mess that exists in California created by passage of initiatives during the 1970s.

Only those voters who believe government is evil would vote for initiatives; all others will vote for the candidates of their choice in elections. I admit I see items in initiative packages that I’d like passed in the Legislature, and others no. Still now, that is our elected officials’ role.

I say, vote no on initiatives and ask voters to review the initiative process, given the big money at play. A minority via initiative with a “simple majority” became the “super majority” with a two-thirds status ongoing, so it blocks legislative actions.

John Heffernan


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