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Sat., Sept. 11, 2010

Sheriff’s credibility sagging

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich still has his signs for re-election posted all around town, and that is so amazing. You’d think that he’d realize that he’s lost all credibility with the people of Spokane by allowing Deputy Hirzel to go on vacation after the questionable death of Pastor Creach.

It has not gone unnoticed in this community that there are laws, and then there are laws that are allowed to be broken only by law enforcement. If anyone else had killed Pastor Creach they would have been in an interrogation room, answering questions immediately, explaining their actions. Instead, Deputy Hirzel was allowed to spend a week and a half to think up a story that to the rest of us Spokanites is nothing but fiction.

This whole thing is absurd. Neither the autopsy findings nor Mrs. Creach’s details of that night are anything like Deputy Hirzel’s account. Yet we all wait to see if this time justice will serve the people of Spokane and a member of law enforcement will finally have to answer for killing a member of our community. Are we not still reeling over Otto Zehm, a mentally handicapped, totally innocent man?

Shari Montgomery


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