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Sat., Sept. 11, 2010

Stay the course

The Great Depression lasted 10 years, and only ended with wartime spending in the 1940s. Economic disaster cannot be fixed overnight. We might like to wipe out our current great recession by turning Congress over to Republicans, but this will accomplish nothing. Republicans have not proposed any solutions for unemployment, the weak economy or home foreclosures. They repeat the old mantra, “Cut taxes – cut spending,” that defined policy in the Bush years and aided only the rich.

In such hard times, I’m dismayed that Washingtonians would consider voting out an excellent public servant like Patty Murray. Is it wise to reject a senior subcommittee chair on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, simply to switch horses midstream?

Murray has saved thousands of local jobs through her support of domestic manufacturing. Her work on behalf of our military personnel has earned thanks from numerous veterans organizations. She is a tireless advocate for education at all levels, affordable health care and our beautiful Northwestern wildlands.

Murray has the dedication to fight the recession and get us back on track. It won’t happen quickly, but she is the woman for the job. Re-elect Patty for the good of Washington and America.

Anesa Miller


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