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The Slice: Her pooch felt a proper grade required taste test

North Idaho grade school student Brandon Fowlkes has a different twist on a familiar story.

His teacher at Athol Elementary took some class assignments home and her dog, a poodle/cocker spaniel mix, ate Brandon’s homework.

Hi, movie lovers: Next Saturday, Bill Stanley will celebrate 25 years of hosting “Saturday Night Cinema” on KSPS.

That’s more than 950 movies and tons o’ trivia tidbits. The first film was “Mary, Queen of Scots.”

So does that make Stanley a Spokane icon, a Spokane fixture or simply another baby boomer who refuses to go away?

You make the call. I suspect, though, that a lot of Channel 7 viewers have come to regard him as a friend.

Today’s shop class project: About 60 years ago, Pete Haggart made a tin dust pan in junior high. “It leaked as much dust as it picked up,” he wrote.

His grade for it? He got a D.

“But my mother, bless her heart, used that dust pan until the day she died.”

At first, you could see the letter grade right on the pan. “But my dad painted it to get rid of the evidence.”

Slice answers: Most responding readers had nothing good to say about EWU’s red football field. Here’s a sampling.

“I hate it,” said Barry Bauchwitz.

“It kind of hurts to look at that blazing red field,” said Donna Fosback.

“I don’t know how many were involved in the decision, but they should all be tarred and feathered,” said Phyllis Quass.

“It’s the eyeball equivalent of 120 decibels,” said Liz Cox.

Annoying habits of Spokane drivers: “Being tailgated because I am going the speed limit,” said Patricia Pohl.

“Nose picking,” said Janet Yoder.

That feline is busy: “Before cell phones, we got a separate phone line for our children – Cary, Amy and Troy,” wrote Sherri Hyams.

In the phone book, that was listed under “C.A.T. Hyams.”

You guessed it. “We got a lot of sales calls and mail for Cat Hyams.”

Today’s Slice question: How many grade school classes hold reunions?

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