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Smoked salmon vodka lands in Washington liquor stores

Mon., Sept. 13, 2010, 10:30 a.m.

Serving suggestion: Cold, with cheese plate

Now that smoked salmon vodka is available in Washington state liquor stores, the question becomes what to serve with it.

Alaska Distillery announced today that it has introduced smoked salmon flavor into its vodka through a trademarked distillation process that imparts a “distinctive, smoky, savory taste” to the vodka.

Washington is the first state outside of Alaska to receive the vodka, but eight other states have placed orders for the product which uses, in part, 10,000-year-old glacier water taken from ice bergs in Prince William Sound.

In a news release, Alaska Distiller CEO Toby Foster recommended using the smoked salmon vodka in a Bloody Mary that includes Clamato juice.

Foster also recommended serving the vodka cold with a cheese plate.

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