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Unmarked car questionable

We’ll never know the truth of Scott Creach’s shooting death because dead men don’t get to tell their side of the story. But to me, the crux of this matter is that the officer was in an unmarked car.

No rational person is going to pull a gun on an officer in a well-marked police car, and the county’s vehicles are certainly readily identifiable even in the dark of night.

If cruising in unmarked patrol cars after hours is standard operating procedure, then that policy needs to be changed if their presence in the neighborhood is going to be the deterrent force they are intended to be.

Ray Blowers

Spokane Valley

The author of a recent Roundtable letter (“Term limits for all,” Sept. 12) asks why there’s no term limits movement. I think “we the people” are beginning to understand that would be treating a symptom, not the cause.

To strike the root, retirement benefits should be repealed. Elected officials would receive pay and authorized expenses during time in office. When that service ends, a thank you and goodbye should suffice. That’s a good first step.

The letter continues by stating the real cause, too much power in our government. “We the people” have no one to blame other than ourselves. We gave them that power. We want the government to do for us much that we could and should be doing for ourselves.

The more we ask of government, the larger and stronger the government grows. Oh, by the way, we don’t want to pay for this growth, so don’t raise our taxes. Just borrow the money, we’re good for it.

Jon J. Tuning


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