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Tue., Sept. 21, 2010

$4.1 million decision

The west end of Hart Field is best for the replacement of Jefferson Elementary. Hutton doesn’t have room for Montessori students and Pratt makes no sense. It’s in the West Valley, and the majority of the students live on the South Hill. The school needs to be larger, but a “mega” school is an exaggeration.

The traffic at 37th and Grand is not impacted BY the school, it IMPACTS the school. Some schools are located on arterials, but in this case that’s not necessary. Manito Boulevard above 36th, with its 1950s ranchers, is not historic. All fields at Hart are rarely, if ever, used at the same time – plenty of room for practices and games.

The school board is entrusted by taxpayers to do a lot of things. One of them is to spend bond dollars wisely. Choosing to remodel Jefferson where it is will cost $4.1 million more than moving it to the west. Spending millions to appease what is truly just a small group of neighbors (I am one of them) when there is a better choice will surely be viewed as irresponsible by scores more than 1,000 voters. Move Jefferson. It’s the best choice all around.

William Nye


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