September 21, 2010 in Letters, Opinion

Community endangered


Exposing the dark side of the MSM (men having sex with men) lifestyle is not politically correct, so I appreciate the Spokesman’s Sept. 3 article about gay activity at Gateway Park – reminiscent of similar problems at High Bridge Park, near downtown, a few years ago.

Spokane isn’t alone when it comes to men cruising for sexual encounters, indecent exposure, and MSM in the bushes of public parks. Gay districts in large metropolitan communities have reported these same problems: Key West, Fla.; DuPont Circle, Washington, D.C.; Castro District, San Francisco; St. Louis; Greenwich Village, New York City; Andersonville and Halsted in Chicago; Capital Hill in Seattle to name a few.

About 10 years ago these anonymous encounters took place in the booths of our adult video stores. Now that the booths are closed, these men are seeking risky “affection” in public parks. Evidence of drug use and violence, as well as public lewdness, creates an unsafe situation for families on a picnic.

This type of promiscuity is not only dangerous for the individuals involved, but for the entire community. Learn why this is true by reading “The Health Risks of Gay Sex” by John R. Diggs Jr., M.D., at white_papers/Health_Risks.pdf.

Penny Lancaster


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