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Move won’t serve kids

Childrens’ safety is the number one concern of the Comstock neighborhood. If renovating Jefferson would increase the probability that a child would be injured or killed, our yard signs would say, “MOVE JEFFERSON!” The simplistic view that moving Jefferson will make it safer is wishful thinking.

In reality, the majority of children walking to Jefferson live between Grand and Perry. The west option makes their commute five blocks longer, and more dangerous! They must still cross Grand, which will become more congested with the district’s plans for continued use of the old buildings.

Moving Jefferson will also funnel traffic off of arterials onto narrow neighborhood streets, compromising the safety of students living west, south and north of Hart Field. Traffic will increase on Division, Manito, Tekoa and Gandy.

Do our children a favor, and drive down those streets. Visualize them walking and biking to school, competing with increased parent traffic and school buses. Do you want this?

Only plans making Jefferson’s current location appear unacceptable were presented. Purchasing additional property isn’t necessary to renovate Jefferson. Hopefully, the school board won’t vote for the cheapest option, because doing so will put Comstock neighborhood children at increased risk forever.

Becky Heacox



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