Movie review: Comedy ‘Virginity’ may horrify parents

FRIDAY, SEPT. 24, 2010

“The Virginity Hit” is a comedy that looks like a documentary but plays like a horror film – to parents of teenagers.

The parade of inappropriate adolescent behavior is enough to give nightmares to almost anyone with a kid, and to make some of those who haven’t spawned yet consider getting their tubes tied.

Shot to look as if it had been cobbled together from camcorder footage taken by a bunch of randy, YouTube-obsessed kids, the movie purports to be the actual story of four high-school-age friends: Zack (Zack Pearlman), Justin (Justin Kline), Jacob (Jacob Davich) and Matt (Matt Bennett).

One of the film’s few likable characters, Matt is also the lone virgin among them.

He’s on a quest to lose his virginity to his girlfriend of two years, Nicole (Nicole Weaver), thereby entitling the two of them to share a celebratory bong hit – hence the film’s title.

Early in the movie, Matt and Nicole break up. That sets the stage for further misadventures in his effort to “do it” with any of an assortment of females including his adoptive sister; a 25-year-old he meets on the Internet, who isn’t exactly who she says she is; and Matt’s favorite porn star (real-life porn star Sunny Leone).

It’s ironic that the film’s moral – it’s best to lose your virginity to someone you love – comes from the porn star.

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