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Acceptance is lacking

This letter is in regard to Penny Lancaster’s letter entitled “Community endangered” that ran on Sept. 21. Although I would agree with her, that men having anonymous sex with other men in public places is not ideal, I do take issue with her facts.

I would also point out that the link she supplied in the letter takes you to a page full of half-truths, propaganda and out-and-out garbage.

If you want to stop people from feeling so ashamed of their sexual identity that they have to sneak away from their lives and engage in this high-risk behavior, then people like you need to stop spreading lies, hate and shame on them. It is people like you that cause this to happen. If they felt acceptance to be who they are, they would not go to such great measures to keep it a secret.

Hate, not homosexuality, hurts our community.

Harry Crase

Coeur d’Alene


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