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Judge earns return

Voters have a clear choice in the District Court election. The incumbent, Debra Hayes, is hard-working and dedicated. Before her election in 2006, she distinguished herself as a skilled litigator. Judge Hayes graduated from law school in 1999 with honors in the top 10 percent of her class, is active in numerous civic organizations and has had over 36,000 hearings. She is thoughtful, intelligent and has a proven judicial temperament.

Her opponent Tim Note? Not so much. He’s been an undistinguished defense attorney for barely six years. He dismisses Judge Hayes’ numerous judicial endorsements by saying publicly, “judges trade endorsements like baseball cards.” His qualifications are so lacking, he can only engage in a negative campaign filled with lies and half-truths. His own Facebook description before he filed to run for judge stated that he was “A hard fighting criminal defense attorney, working hard to keep criminals on the street … where they belong.” His cynicism mocks crime victims, police, judges and the public.

We do not need a judge who wants “to keep criminals on the street … where they belong.” We need a hard-working judge who follows the law. That’s why I’m voting to re-elect Judge Debra Hayes.

Thomas R. McGarry




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