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Tab will come due

Do you remember just a few years ago that the Republican Party and corporate America started a tab, sat at the table stuffing their faces, while the working/middle class were picking the crumbs off the floor, and they made us pay the bill?

Do you remember the Republican Party said they would elect judges to strictly interpret the Constitution of the United States? The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, appointed by the Republicans, decided in their decision on the Stolen Valor Act that people have the right to lie about their military honors. A Supreme Court decision, Citizens United vs. FEC, basically gave corporations the same constitutional rights as human beings. The majority that ruled in favor of it were all appointed by Republicans.

Today we have six initiatives that gathered enough signatures to be brought up to be voted on in our November general election. Of those, only one was not backed by corporate money and/or Tim Eyman. The one initiative, I-1098, was brought to us by a wealthy populist and endorsed by an assortment of labor organizations that represent many of the working/middle class.

Vote! Your livelihood depends on it.

Lawrence Schuchart



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