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Sat., April 2, 2011

Abortion funding must end

Lea Anne Carrington speculates in her letter dated March 27 about Abby Johnson’s “forthcoming book.” She can speculate no more and read the book herself. “UnPlanned” has been on the shelves for two and a half months. In it, Johnson describes her conversion from pro-choice to pro-life. I listened to her speak in front of Planned Parenthood last week in support of 40 Days for Life Spokane.

Johnson, the former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, criticizes the organization for encouraging abortion for profit. Last year, Planned Parenthood received over $360 million in taxpayer funding, and they reported over $63 million in profits.

Planned Parenthood performed over 650,000 abortions in 2008-’09. It is the nation’s No. 1 abortion provider. There are nearly 7,000 federally qualified health centers around the country that provide affordable and more comprehensive health care for children and adults.

A student group called Live Action investigated Planned Parenthood in January. Seven different clinics in four different states were found to be willing to aid and abet the sex trafficking of girls as young as 14. The videotaped evidence can be found at It is time to end taxpayer funding of this corrupt organization.

Jodi Wagner


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