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Letter: Pullman action deplorable

Washington residents should be horrified that officers in Pullman think it is OK to peek in your windows late at night if your lights are on just to see what you are doing.  It was that unconstitutional and offensive activity that got WSU athlete DeAngelo Castro cited for a misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Our home is our castle and as free citizens we must demand that we be free from unwarranted government intrusions into our sanctuaries. 

The assertion by Chief Jenkins of the Pullman police, that because lights were on and people were up, it was necessary to determine if they had  been burglary victims is complete balderdash.  Since when does being awake in your own home become probable cause for anything? 

 Rather than making asinine comments in an effort to justify his officer’s offensive and unconstitutional actions, Chief Jenkins should have been apologizing to the citizens of Pullman on behalf of his department.  That apology should have included reassurances that corrective training actions would be implemented throughout the department to ensure this will never happen again.

  Tim Note



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