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Sun., April 3, 2011

Schools, students doing well

I agree with Gary Crooks’ position on what people believe about the public education system, in “School alarms pulled again” (March 20). That school systems aren’t truly bad, but all the generations, including ours, have always thought they were.

Gary Crooks makes some very good points, like that if public school systems were as terrible as everyone seems to think, then how is it that the United States is the wealthiest nation, and might I add doing much better than many nations at the moment?

It’s true that generations before and after us will worry about the public education system, but they don’t necessarily need to.

I think a possible solution would be to actually show the public how hard students really work. As a middle school student, I go to school six hours and 30 minutes a day, not including the hour or more homework I have after school. All that time and work, I’m definitely learning things that will help me succeed in later life.

Adults also should be reminded how hard they worked in school and how much they learned. I think the real problem is not how much we learn, but how we use the information.

Elizabeth Walsh


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