April 3, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

STA off its trolley


I read with amusement the article entitled “To STA, city, transit future looks electric” (March 21) and here goes with my best Doug Clark impression:

Hey, Spokane: STA is proposing increasing sales and property taxes so that we can be seen as a “progressive community.” STA claims that electric trolleys running on overhead wires or fixed guideways will bring people to the door of businesses. Tell that to the businesses along Second Avenue whose customers were and still are being denied access due to construction.

The good news is that businesses along the proposed route can all take a vacation while construction prevents people from accessing your business. All of this in the wake of STA officials acknowledging that its board is considering another round of service cuts. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Along with local tax increases, affected businesses can watch income plummet. What’s an additional $6 million, $9 million, $34 million or even $51 million per mile?

How many miles will they need for this trolley folly. North/South Freeway II?

So come on, Spokane, gather around the fireplace and let’s all sing “Kumbaya” and applaud STA for yet another round of tax increases and comic relief.

Bruce A. Kaiser


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