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Sun., April 3, 2011

Teachers’ hands tied

Teachers are the convenient targets for public school frustration. The real culprits are administrators and colleges of education who have transformed K-12 education into something that is unrecognizable.

Most people are too busy and trusting to uncover what passes for education today. The status quo is so well organized and entrenched that meaningful reform seems impossible.

“Professionalization” of education began in the ’60s. Its goal was to justify higher salaries. This has worked well for administrators but not for teachers.

There is no amount of money that would attract the “best and brightest” into K-12 classrooms without full academic freedom. “Educators” have taken us from something that was simple and worked for most people into a confusing miasma that defies rational explanation and doesn’t work for most students.

I have voted for every education tax increase until the last one, and I won’t vote for any more until I see common sense return to public schools. I urge readers to visit the “Betrayed” blog of Laurie Rogers to see what has happened to math education, and begin to see what is happening across the board in public education. We are paying for this, and it isn’t working.

David T. Webb


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