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Bond is a bargain right now

Regardless of how we feel about the PK-8 (prekindergarten through eighth grade) configuration, the community should support the East Valley School District bond. PK-8 will happen regardless, so the bond really has nothing to do with that issue.

The fact is EV has not passed a bond in many years. The facilities have suffered. Our buildings are in sad disrepair and out of date. It is our responsibility as taxpayers to make sure our kids go to school in safe, up-to-date buildings. The best part about this bond is that we have an opportunity for state matching funds. As taxpayers we should not let this opportunity pass us by. It is like we are getting the mission accomplished for half the price! I, for one, shop bargains all the time. This is a bargain we can’t pass up! Please vote yes on the EV bond.

Lori Veloski

Spokane Valley


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