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In brief: Bay of Pigs veterans honored

Washington – Fifty years ago, a group of Cuban exiles who eagerly volunteered for a clandestine mission to topple Fidel Castro were left largely abandoned in Cuba when U.S. support for the mission evaporated.

The Bay of Pigs would go down as one of the United States’ biggest strategic blunders: More than 100 men were killed, including four U.S. pilots, and Castro remained at the helm.

But the survivors of Brigade 2506 have never lost their resolve. On Wednesday, eight of the estimated 1,100 surviving members basked in a congressional salute: a resolution put into the Senate record and remarks from the floor of the House of Representatives.

“Though the operation was not successful, the dedication and commitment that these brave individuals illustrated during the conflict was exceptional,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., said on the House floor.

The Bay of Pigs veterans mark the anniversary of the invasion every April 17 and honor those who died. But they said it was the first time they had been so touted in Congress.

Man finds wife dead in window

Lebanon, Ohio – An Ohio man came home from an out-of-state trip to find the body of his wife stuck in a basement window, where she suffocated after apparently locking herself out of the house, authorities said Wednesday.

David Kline found the body of his 44-year-old wife, Esther, on Tuesday and called 911, police said. He told the dispatcher that his wife wasn’t breathing.

Authorities believe she may have locked herself out; she had sent her husband a text saying: “I wish the spare key was here.”

Kline became stuck when she tried to get through the window feet first, and scuff marks on the wall from her shoes indicate she struggled to push herself free, police Sgt. Jeff Mitchell told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

She may have been pinned in the window for about nine hours, coroner’s investigator Doyle Burke said.


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