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FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2011

Ormsby overreacting

In his recent press release, Michael Ormsby, U.S. attorney for Eastern Washington, claims, “Marijuana stores, which are not authorized under state law, suggest that drug traffickers are attempting to avoid application of state law through the use of these stores.”

However, there is no state law prohibiting such establishments. In fact, dispensaries are required to obtain a business license and pay taxes. RCW 69.51A005 states:

“The legislature intends to clarify … so that the lawful use of this substance is not impaired and medical practitioners are able to exercise their best professional judgment in the delivery of medical treatment, … and designated providers may assist patients in the manner provided by this act without fear of state criminal prosecution …”

If a single liquor store fails to abide by the law, we don’t hold all others accountable. The same should be true for marijuana stores. This is a nonissue on the West Side.

Obama has declared that the Drug Enforcement Administration is not to prosecute marijuana users who comply with state and local laws. The budget is tight and we have bigger fish to fry. Stop threatening patients, Ormsby.

Lance Hart


Animals everywhere lost a great ally and friend last weekend. Chris Anderlik, who sadly passed away Saturday, March 9, loved all animals and made it her life’s work to help save them from a life of misery, torture, abuse, neglect and death.

Whether it was helping save circus animals from the pain and misery that these beautiful animals sustain each and every day of their lives for our selfish entertainment, working to save animals that give their lives in order to make a fur coat for our vanity, or saving hundreds if not thousands of our local homeless animals by “working tirelessly with” and also giving “generously to” our local shelters, Chris, her husband Bob and their children Kerry and Christy epitomize the words “generosity” and “kindness.”

Chris was not only a fellow animal rescue advocate, but she was also my friend. I will miss her tremendously, and this area will miss her great heart and work for our local animals in need. In Chris’ memory, instead of buying an animal, please adopt an animal desperately needing a safe, loving, forever home.

Tia Rosetti-Mills

Newman Lake

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