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Casino is a good bet

I read with interest Mr. Zackheim’s treatise about the Spokane Tribe’s project on the West Plains (Letters, April 9). He scoffs at the 3,800 private-sector jobs the multiuse development will provide and questions the economic benefits.

What doesn’t he understand about the impact these family-wage jobs will provide to our struggling region? And they don’t involve our tax dollars.

I find it disingenuous that on one hand he questions the value of another casino, but on the other hand he is more than happy to accept thousands of dollars from the existing casino for his charity. I am excited about the additional dollars that another development will provide to the many nonprofits that have lost local, state and federal funding.

As a senior, I am pleased to be a member of the Friends of the Spokane Tribe and encourage our community to get the real facts about this project. Don’t be misled by the fear mongering taking place by a very small special-interest group.

Anne Ashley



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