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Sun., April 17, 2011

Church plan unneighborly

The proposed Low-Income Megacomplex at the Catholic Church, while well-meaning, is a bad idea. Longtime area residents such as myself have seen traffic problems grow over years, and the rezoning of a single-dwelling neighborhood will open the floodgates to more development, destroying the nature of our area.

Two schools, a lack of sidewalks, narrow streets and many more cars will all add up to a bad situation. High traffic, possible higher crime and transient residency will all have a negative effect.

Go to north Spokane and see the mess where once-proud neighborhoods are now mixed with offices, apartments and retail stores. For those who stay, declining property values are a fact.

Let’s not destroy a nice neighborhood needlessly. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

The Catholic Church already has a vacant school on a large parcel in the Valley, and there is much vacant land in areas zoned appropriately now. A good neighbor is one who seeks to blend in with the neighborhood and wishes of those around him and not put his own financial gain over the feelings and desires of others.

Gary Graupner


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