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Political influence out of balance

Everybody, politicians and voters alike, must work harder to be Americans first.

We must recognize that the military industrial complex and corporate interests have unreasonable influence. The money is simply too irresistible. Resultant ideological and culture fights obscure facts, create lies, pit everyone against others and create a culture that serves only the elite.

Only when we demand the reversal of Citizens United, that gives unrestrained voice (votes) to corporate interests, will the hysteria begin to fade. When we institute fair, regulated and limited elections and lobbying, politicians will be freed to act in our interest again.

Lazy self-indulgence has made a mockery of our democracy and spoils what is truly exceptional about America, that disparate views can come together respectfully and accomplish great things – collectively.

When we fully engage and reward truth and results, not demagoguery, we will address issues in totality, not political snippets. We can care for everyone and still provide for innovation and profits. There is time to do this and there is enough money for everyone.

We must try harder. Compassionately. Respectfully. Seriously.

We have solvable problems. But our electing and lobbying processes are corrupt and must be fixed. Otherwise, nothing will change.

Michael Quick

Newport, Wash.


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