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Sun., April 17, 2011

Pumped up

Just had a thought about how to stop the recession and get the regular people back on their feet. How about dropping the gas prices? I know it’s a radical thought – that the big oil magnates might lose out on a dime or two.

But gas prices determine whether we travel or not. They determine the cost of our food. They determine whether we are able to go anyplace and spend money that in turn keeps the economy rolling along.

It seems that each time there’s a burp in the Middle East, a fire on an oil rig, or someone in the oil industry gets a hangnail, we can count on an increase in the gas pump.

Can some of our well-paid “leaders” do anything to help the mere middle/poverty class or are we expected to sit back, shut up, dig deeper in our pockets, and watch the rich and powerful become fatter and happier?

Rosanne Anderson


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