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Speaker isn’t listening

House Speaker John Boehner is showing that he is not the leader most Americans voted for. Last November Americans elected people who ran on smaller government and fiscal responsibility. Statements made by the speaker during the recent budget debate such as, “we are only one-half of one-third of the government” and “this is as good a deal as we can get” reveal that the speaker does not remember that just five months ago Americans spoke loud and clear: Reduce government spending!

Once again, the Republican establishment led by Speaker Boehner is unwilling or unable to stand up and fight for policies that Americans want and that will save our country from ruin. Even with the support of the majority of America’s citizens, Speaker Boehner and the Republican establishment easily capitulated instead of fighting for budget cuts that are so desperately needed.

In baseball you get three strikes, then you are out. Speaker Boehner watched the Democrat fastball go right across the plate and didn’t even swing. The speaker has two more pitches to go – the debt limit and the 2012 budget. If Speaker Boehner whiffs the next two pitches, then he needs to hear, “Strike three, you’re out!”

Doug Belcher



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