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Spokane golfer aces same hole two days in a row

Golf: Spokane resident and Downriver employee Bob McClure, 60, had never made a hole-in-one before Friday.

Then he nailed one.

Then on Saturday he got another.

On the same hole.

Playing in a threesome Friday evening, McClure put in a two-hopper at Downriver’s No. 6 from 135 yards out with a 9-iron.

“I called Brian (Copley, an assistant pro) up in the office and told him, ‘The one night you aren’t golfing with me I get one.’ ”

Copley should have joined him Saturday.

Heading out to play in a men’s club tournament on Saturday another of the assistant pros, Troy Fall, said he told McClure, “ ‘You have to get another one today’ – and he got it.”

This time, from 125 yards out, McClure used a pitching wedge to send his ball toward the new pin placement.

“Everybody was watching it, and I thought, dang, that looks good,” McClure said.

He was right.

“It was heart-thumpin,” McClure said. “I think the guys golfing with me were more excited. That were freaking out, high fivin’, slapping me.”

McClure’s second ace cost him around $100 for drinks in the clubhouse.

“I got lucky on Friday,” he said. “There were only about five guys there.”

Had he heard of such a feat before?

“I remember Arnold Palmer did it,” McClure said.

Indeed. That took place on Sept. 2-3, 1986, during the Chrysler Cup Pro-Am on a 182-yard hole. It was reported at the time that the odds of that happening exceeded 10 million to 1.

Wonder what the odds are for another?

Fall said a tee time opened up for today and he snagged it.

“I told Bob he has to golf with me,” Fall said.

So how about it, Bob? Going to be out there?


Gil Hulse

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