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Sun., April 17, 2011

Surprise: More is more

Now that President Obama has announced his “revised” 2012 budget proposal to deal with our exploding debt crisis, which of course includes federal tax increases to create “more” money for the federal government, let’s pause and think about this for a minute.

Can anyone show me a single historical instance in which giving the government “more” money ever led to “less” spending? Does this administration really think that the American people are so naive as to believe that if you give the government “more” money that they won’t simply spend it all? Would you increase a teenager’s allowance and expect him not to spend it?

Yes, Mr. President, it is time to start acting like adults. But first we must “wean” the politicians off the public’s bottle before they suck our country dry. The problem is too much spending, not a lack of revenue.

It’s time to grow up and see the real world. Our future generations depend on it.

Randall Babin


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