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Local aid comes first

There seems no end to the rhetoric on how best to solve the national budget crunch. Much of it is similar to what one might step in while traversing a barnyard.

Little is openly said about another expenditure that plagues the budget – sending uncountable tax dollars overseas. Yes, there is a need for Americans to be remembered for freely providing global humanitarian disaster aid, but at what cost to our home-grown invalids? And, there are many eager recipients of our tax monies throughout the world. Some may truly deserve our help, but others are simply feeding on the congressional cash cow.

Some of us carry handicapped placards for a reason. Although disabled, we should have earned the respect of our elected leaders, even though we may no longer be productive. Once, we contributed to various funds, including those that paid the salaries of the representatives we thought might actually represent us.

Reduce monetary aid overseas but do not cut humanitarian aid to your native citizens. Tighten up on the cheaters and borderline recipients here and overseas, yes! But reach out and offer help to those who have a lifetime of contributions, including military service, as elected Americans helping ordinary Americans.

Dave Michaelson

Harrington, Wash.


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