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The Slice: Were they soused on the slopes?

When picking up bottles tossed in their yards last winter, people who live along the road leading up Mount Spokane have been known to wonder what percentage of skiers were under the influence on the slopes.

Let’s move on.

Failing geography: Sheila Vitulli, who moved here from Hawaii, saw in a recent Slice an allusion to the common outsider’s misconception that Spokane has a climate just like Seattle’s.

It reminded her of how visitors from the U.S. mainland often said to Hawaiians, “When I get back to the states … .”

That made me wonder. Does everyone who once lived somewhere else have stories of geographic illiteracy from their old stomping grounds?

Does everyone who spent a few years in New Mexico have tales of encountering geniuses who aren’t sure if the Land of Enchantment is in the U.S.? Did people who lived in high-altitude Flagstaff, Ariz., have to repeatedly explain to visitors that it seldom gets truly hot there?

Feedback: “Hi Paul, I enjoy your column very much,” wrote Lois Bender. “However, they lead me to believe that you don’t like living in Spokane very much. I think it is really a great place. How about a more positive tone about Spokane?”

Another reader’s request: “Ask everyone out there how many kids from the old neighborhood still shop at the same grocery store as adults,” wrote Jeri Hershberger.

She said she still sees half a dozen Wilson Elementary classmates at the store she frequents.

A school teacher with a question: “My sister and I always had to be the nurses when we played Army with my brothers,” wrote baby boomer Carol Nelson. “Do girls still have to be nurses or do they get to be soldiers?”

Young at heart: After stopping at a drive-through coffee place, Rob Brewer heard his 3-year-old daughter ask how he liked drinking from his grown-up sippy cup.

Today’s Slice question: Is anyone in your family or social circle good at making zombie sounds when biting into a chocolate Easter bunny?

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