Huckleberries: Anniversary row turns bliss into blitz, lands husband date with jail

SUNDAY, APRIL 24, 2011

In the “Nothing Says Happy Anniversary Like A Trashed Motel Room” Dept.: A Washington couple celebrated an April anniversary by renting a downtown Coeur d’Alene motel room. So far, so good. Later, according to the latest Downtown Coeur d’Alene Bar Report, the two were drinking at the Icon when the husband “became aggressive” because his Bride-Plus-A-Few-Years talked to another man (read: Hubby Dearest flipped out). She stomped off to the motel in the 600 block of Sherman. Where Hubby Dearest caught up with her. He got rough with her and trashed the room for emphasis, “knocking over the microwave, cracking the toilet, among other things.” Which prompted a motel call to CPD Blues. Who dampened Hubby Dearest’s original romantic plans for later in the evening by handing him one of those “Go Directly to Jail” cards. No happily ever after here.

Mighty Mo

In the “How Have the Mighty Fallen” Dept., Lewiston Tribune sportswriter Ryan Collingwood, Class of ’02 at the defunct Falls Christian Academy in Post Falls, tweets that he bought an unused Adam Morrison rookie (Charlotte Bobcats) jersey for $2 recently at a thrift store. Ryan figures it would have cost $100 new back in the day, before the No. 3 pick from Gonzaga became a bust with two world championship rings, courtesy of Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers. Such has been the downward trajectory of A-Mo that Ryan wonders: “Should I have just gotten a Slurpee instead?”


Poet’s Corner: Where the snow never falls/and sun can’t be found,/remember your children/who toil underground – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“A Prayer for Silver Valley Miners”) … Tasteless Bumpersnicker of the Week, spotted midafternoon Tuesday on Coeur d’Alene’s Fourth Street: “Save Idaho: Hunt a Californian” … Facebook Friend Dean Huggins, of Newman Lake, posts: “I looked outside (Monday), and it was snowing. Two hours later, it was gone, and I noticed the lawn needs to be mowed. So should I use the lawn mower or a snow blower?” … You may know that Idaho legislators, who have slashed education budgets three years in a row, believe the fairy tale that you can replace teachers with computers. But do you know what a student teacher friend of mine and his buddies call Idaho education? They call it “Silverwood,” a place where you get your first job with no intention of staying … Sam Crawford, of Coeur d’Alene, spotted a vanity plate in Missoula that still has him scratching his head: “IPD2MCH.” The driver is either a disgruntled vehicle owner with buyer’s remorse (“I paid too much”) or someone with a urinary problem … Facebook Friend Myra Lewis, of Clark Fork, threatened Thursday: “I am leaving my Christmas lights on until we see 65 degrees!!”

Parting shot

Mayor Gretchen Hellar, of Sandpoint, shocked neighboring Mayor Randy Curless, of Dover, when she wrote in a guest opinion for the Bonner County Bee that he earned $45,000. Which is more than $42,000 off. Mayor Hellar was discussing a proposal to raise her salary. In a follow-up ap-hollow-gy in the paper, Mayor Hellar wrote: “The Dover mayor does make $45,000, but that is the salary of the mayor of Dover, Md.”

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