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What GOP officials said

‘Now that it’s been released, we can move on to real issues.”

Matthew Pederson,

Spokane County Republican chairman

‘I’ve never thought much of the issue. I think that people that want to talk about it will find any misspelling or mistake to keep talking. I don’t know that you can satisfy them.”

Kirby Wilbur,

Washington GOP chairman

and former radio talk show host

‘I think he showed his birth certificate a long time ago and people who didn’t accept it just didn’t like him. I think it wouldn’t have mattered (if he produced this certificate earlier) and I’ll bet it won’t matter now to some people.”

Larry Grant,

Idaho Democratic

Party chairman

‘I would assume it will put a lot of water on the fire. We’ll see Republicans who were saying ‘I’m not sure’ come out and say ‘I’m convinced.’ ”

Dwight Pelz,

Washington state

Democratic Party chairman

‘I think people need to get over it. It’s kind of a waste of time for us to be talking about this. If you just talk about Obama’s policies, that alone is going to be sufficient to get rid of Obama.”

U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador


‘There are many good reasons to believe Barack Obama is not the best person to be president. This is not one of them.”

State Sen. Mike Baumgartner,


‘I can say that Idaho Republicans are much more concerned about Barack Obama only serving one term.”

Norm Semanko,

Idaho GOP chairman

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