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The Slice: Signing ball might be ruled an error

Fri., April 29, 2011, midnight

When throwing a neighbor kid’s ball back over a tall, sight-blocking backyard fence, it’s OK to fib and yell, “I caught it, you’re out.”

But autographing the ball first will just make you seem like a kook.

Test your recollection of useless information: Next week will be the 20th anniversary of the airing of the final episode of TV’s “Dallas.” See if you can identify which of the following were characters in that prime-time soap.

A) Cliff Barnes. B) Pamela Pierson. C) Jenna Wade. D) Rob Golden. E) Miss Ellie. F) Rebecca Blake Barnes Wentworth. G) Marlys Buzby. H) Lee Ann De La Vega. I) Jock Ewing. J) Ray Krebbs. K) Barry Bauchwitz. L) Joel Shank. M) Carter McKay. N) Florence Young. O) J. Scott Miller. P) Cheri Catt. Q) Digger Barnes. R) Wade Griffith. S) Maria Washington. T) Suzanne Levitch.

Find the answers just before the warm-up question.

Bloomsday is nigh: Sure, you mean well. But randomly asking “Are you a Kenyan?” might not be a great idea.

Time for an update: Back in 1999, The Slice wondered if any contemporary grade-school percussionists knew the drum parts to the ’60s instrumental “Wipe Out.”

Several parents assured me that, for better or worse, the song lived on.

Well, how about now?

Another name for the Chuck Jones, John McIntire list: Did you see the obit earlier this month for Gil Robbins, a singer with the Highwaymen folk group and father of actor Tim Robbins? Yes, he was born in Spokane.

The “Dallas” characters were: A,C, E, F, H, I, J, M and Q.

Warm-up question: How often when you are talking to someone in person is the alleged listener looking at an electronic screen of some sort?

Today’s Slice question: When you take your dog out for a walk, how far from home do the two of you go?

A) Around the block a couple of times. B) Until the, uh, mission has been accomplished. C) Miles and miles. D) Until the dog says he or she is ready to head home. E) Depends on the weather. F) Other.

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