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The Slice: If it’s August, it must be time for a contest

The eighth month has arrived.

And here’s a Slice contest tailored for the occasion.

In the summer of 1972, a popular American singer recorded a live album that would be released several months later. It had a three-word title.

A few years earlier, that same singer had recorded a song (with a different title) that begins with those same three words.

So, if you would like to compete for a coveted reporter’s notebook, just call The Slice phone and sing those three words in the style of that 1969 song opening.

That’s it. Just those three words. Good luck.

Be sure to note your name and daytime phone number.

Spokane’s worst drivers: “Old men who wear baseball caps and drive Buicks,” said Barb Beck. “They think they can drive, but they can’t.”

Temporarily empty nest: My colleague Pia Hallenberg is dealing with change this summer. Her teenage son, Jonathan, is spending part of the season in California working for his uncle.

Here are a few of the things Jonathan’s mom and the family’s two cats have noticed in his absence:

The TV is never left on the Monster Truck channel when you turn on the news in the morning.

Bagels actually go stale in your fridge.

You clean the bathroom on Monday … and it’s still clean a week later.

No one fusses over what’s for dinner tonight as long as there’s tuna in the house.

When ordering pizza, a “large” is enough for dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day. A large used to be considered an appetizer for son and friends.

There’s two-week old Pepsi in the fridge (see above).

The kitchen looks exactly the same when you come home from work as when you left it this morning.

You go to the grocery store on Sunday and it’s $13.65 not $113.65.

iTunes calls because no one is downloading gangster rap on your account anymore.

Now you’re really alone about figuring out how your iPod works.

You have to mow the lawn for the first time in a very long time.

Today’s Slice question: About what do you love to be asked for advice?

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