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Display Ten Commandments

Yes, the bad thieves are alive and well in the Arden, Wash., community. The Arden Faith Baptist Church owns a church van that we use to pick up and bring children to our Vacation Bible School. The van was parked by the church and locked. The locking gas cap on the van was also locked. The evil thieves cut the hose leading into the top of the gas tank and stole the gas.

We were able to buy and install a new gas tank hose and replace the gas that was stolen. We used the van to bring in many of the 52 children that attended our Vacation Bible School. Last year the wicked thieves cut the cables and stole the battery out of the van. This year our good neighbor told me he had greater losses than we did, as a result of the bad thieves.

When I was a boy, the Ten Commandments found in the Holy Bible were displayed in many public places. In my opinion, we need to bring back this public display of the Ten Commandments. Emphasis should be placed on what we read in Exodus, Chapter 20, Verse 15, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Pastor Arthur Houk



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