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Sat., Aug. 6, 2011

Baxter for business

I recently read with interest the letter to the editor written by the son of the late Sen. Bob McCaslin. While I have great respect for Bob McCaslin and his years of service, the ultimate decision with whom to elect resides with me, and the good voters of the 4th District.

If we are ever going to achieve real change in state government and start turning this economy around, we must elect individuals of courage who are not afraid to fight. We must elect people who are not career politicians but have experience running a business and creating jobs. Jeff Baxter fits these criteria and is the right person at the right time.

During this election, ask yourself: Does the state Senate need more attorneys like Mike Padden or small-business owners like Sen. Jeff Baxter? For my family and me, we’ll take small-business owner Jeff Baxter.

I’m sure that anyone who does their homework will make the same choice.

Terry Hatch

Spokane Valley

It’s no secret to teachers, parents, or students that there’s a problem in Spokane Public Schools. It only seems to be a secret to district administrators who continuously pat themselves on the back despite dismal test scores and an unacceptable dropout rate. Also in the dark is our current school board, which seems to have forgotten that it represents the public, parents and students, not administrators. District administrators continue to institute failing policy, and our board members continue to support it.

On Aug. 16, I will be thrilled to cast my vote for a candidate who is not the lesser of two evils, but good. Sally Fullmer is a parent with teaching and home-schooling experience, an understanding of the math and curriculum problems in Spokane Public Schools, has seen underhandedness and dishonesty from district administrators, recognizes the need for board members who represent parents and students, and she is a genuinely concerned parent citizen – not a politician. I have experienced the need for board members like Sally firsthand.

Sally has received the endorsement of Paul LeCoq (who has dropped out of the race) and education advocate Laurie Rogers. Our students can’t wait any longer. Visit

Breann Treffry


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