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Sat., Aug. 6, 2011

How about some truth?

If the recent partisan turmoil has done any good, it has exposed the pernicious dissembling routinely inflicted upon the republic.

How many decades and how recently have you been told that Social Security was solvent into the future? Now you are told that there is no “lock box,” your money has been spent and future disbursements are openly threatened, absent more ruinous borrowing.

The only functional difference between this federal fiscal scheme and Bernie Madoff’s is that Madoff lacked the legions of armed sinecures compelling continuing confiscation, or as it is euphemistically referred to, “investment.”

You are told that some are not paying their “fair share,” yet those singled out for this disparagement factually pay the lion’s share of personal income taxes to the burgeoning sinkhole that is the federal government, while almost 50 percent contribute nothing.

You are told that stricter gun control is required to stop the violence on the southern border without mention that it is government functionaries who facilitated and financed the illegal sales of “assault” weapons to foreign narcoterrorists, helping to create the crisis through which they hope to eviscerate the Second Amendment.

Are you tired of being lied to yet? If not now, when?

Gary Warren


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