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Tue., Aug. 9, 2011

Fullmer would refocus schools

Please vote for Sally Fullmer for Spokane Public Schools board of directors.

Sally wants the district to refocus on student academics – the point of K-12 education. Currently, adult “wants” are overemphasized. As students struggle academically, and the district complains about budget “cuts,” administrators keep shifting tax dollars, including the levy, to pay for nonacademic expenditures, including administrative raises.

Usable academic skills make a material difference to the community’s economic well-being, and are the only relevant measures of the district’s work. Sally understands that students aren’t being taught sufficient grammar or math skills. Consequently, most graduate without the skills necessary for postsecondary life.

Sally, a teacher, respects teachers and principals as professionals and wants the central office to stop micromanaging. She advocates for financial transparency, administrative accountability, and more of the budget to go to the classroom.

Sally knows that strong schools begin locally, with respect for the wishes and needs of the community, not with national mandates and initiatives that will cost millions more taxpayer dollars.

I’ve never had a candidate sign in my yard, but there’s one there now, with Sally’s name on it. Please vote for Sally Fullmer, and ask friends and colleagues to vote for her, too.

Laurie H. Rogers


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