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Wed., Aug. 10, 2011

Benefit cuts are senseless

Recent letters indicate that many Republicans want to cut funds to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to reduce the deficit. They say no tax increase, but what they mean is no tax added to the rich and powerful, even though President Bush had given them a decrease earlier. This was so they could create new jobs, but what happened is they sent thousands of jobs overseas, shrinking the tax base even further, but no Republicans said a word.

Social Security has given seniors a little dignity, but almost one-half of all on Social Security get the minimum amount of $500-$600 a month. Seniors have worked all their life to receive Social Security and now they are being told they caused this recession and they will have to pay to reduce it. Does this make sense to anyone? It doesn’t to me.

When I went to work in January 1948 for 95 cents an hour, I was told that because Pacific Tel paid one-half of my Social Security that was considered part of my pay.

One thing more, the first bailout was to financial services and signed by Bush on Oct. 3, 2008, for $700 billion. Bush was in office until Jan. 2009. This started the recession.

Paul Town


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