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Justice for Creaches

Howard Danielson’s July 26 letter shows his lack of common sense and lack of knowledge. The Spokesman-Review reported Deputy Hirzel, while a police officer in Cathedral City, Calif., used a chokehold on a man and he died, and another time a woman’s husband had a heart attack, his wife and paramedics at his side when Hirzel barged into their home, the family dog did the natural thing and barked at him and he shot and killed the dog.

Next it was reported that he has a business that sells sex toys. Why would he be hired by the Sheriff’s Department with this kind of background?

He had no business on private property without the owner’s permission. Why did he not activate the flashing emergency lights identifying his car as a police car when Creach appeared? Why did he stop Creach’s wife from going to his side while he was still alive and why didn’t Creach have a mark on his leg, as Hirzel said he had hit Creach with his baton?

Why was Hirzel, after killing a man, allowed to go on vacation without answering questions before leaving?

The Creach family deserves entitlement for the loss of their loved one’s life and justice to be the removal of Hirzel from the Sheriff’s Department.

Harry Hansen

Liberty Lake


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