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Brower is impressive

I recently spent one morning viewing school board candidates’ websites.

Deana Brower’s website states what she stands for, not what she’s against. How refreshing these days! Deana stands for public schools that provide equal opportunities for all children. Deana stands for providing students and teachers with the resources needed to achieve high standards. Deana stands for collaboration among teachers, administration and parents to make Spokane Public Schools successful.

Our students, schools and community deserve a candidate with a broad, inclusive vision who will listen to all stakeholders. That’s Deana Brower. As a former public school teacher, PTG president, committee chair of Citizens for Spokane Schools, and parent member of district curriculum committees, Deana has proven that she can make decisions that benefit our schools and community.

As a parent, a teacher and a citizen, I may not agree with every decision Deana would make as a member of the school board. However, I am confident she will do her best to make sound decisions that benefit our children, our schools and the greater community. Deana is the best candidate. A vote for Deana Brower is a vote for responsible and rational leadership on the school board.

Beth Nye



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