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Sat., Aug. 13, 2011

Fullmer for change

Had enough? Are you satisfied with how Spokane Public Schools is educating your children/grandchildren? We’ve witnessed the deplorable teaching methods that have taken over our schools. Math, history and English are nothing like what we grandparents were once taught. Read what one critic has to say:

“We parents, business owners and taxpayers stare at expenditures of $11-12,000 per student, a budget that has NOT been cut since 2002 …, high dropout rates, high remedial rates, low levels of skills in math and grammar, ridiculously low levels of pass rates on basic tests, and a nearly complete lack of financial transparency or accountability. Yet, we have no way to know why we’re stuck with the same leadership for which we paid excessively last year.” (Rogers, L. 5/2011 http://betrayed-whyeducation

The candidate for the school board endorsed by this newspaper is also endorsed by the teachers unions and the Progressive Voters Guide. I don’t see her as promoting any change.

Sally Fullmer has received the endorsement of Where’s The Math ( and Laurie Rogers, author of “Betrayed.”

Sally believes in transparency and accountability to the voters, parents and students and seeks a better education for our children, not the promotion of failing educational ideologies.

Richard J. Richard Sr.


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